SEGA QUIVE Glaze Indoor Football Boots –- Astro Turf Football Trainers - Green, Navy, Silver…

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The GLAZE AstroTurf Football Trainers, from SEGA QUIVE are new for 2022/23 season. Developed with feedback from professional football players, the GLAZE has been designed to provide flexibility across different pitches, enabling you to pin precise passes with optimal efficiency and balance. While they have been developed specifically for astroturf surfaces, the adaptable structure of the boot ensures you’re prepared to win indoor and outdoor. Whatever the pitch, you’ll leave the opposition in a glaze. Created with a durable, synthetic upper to provide white clarity; it sports the SEGA way!

Additional support is now provided in the heel, cushioning the landing to reduce the shock and strain on your knees. This is SEGA’s, Power Cushion.

Highly supportive and flexible for quick reflexes in footwork.

The impact control functionality enables a high degree of comfort for those key twists and turns on the court.

The high-quality gum rubber provides a grip for your quick movements. With our latest model, comes a new upper that is more breathable, hiding those support structures from view for a cleaner finish on the eye.

With a responsive EVA in the midsole comes aided propulsion for rapid powerful movement.