Sega Aston AR 7 Metal Spikes 2024 Running Spikes Shoes, Track & Field Shock Resistant, Breathable and Comfortable Trainers…

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Sole Material: Engineered with high-quality Synthetic Rubber, the sole of these running shoes delivers exceptional traction, ensuring a firm grip on various surfaces. The incorporation of metal spikes enhances grip and provides optimal traction, making the Sega Aston AR 7 Metal Spikes the ideal choice for those seeking an edge in competitive running.

Shaft Height: Designed with an ankle height, these shoes provide crucial ankle support for runners, promoting stability and reducing the risk of injuries during high-impact activities. The snug fit around the ankle enhances the overall performance while adding a touch of modern athleticism to the shoe's design.

Outer Material: Constructed with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), the outer material strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and resilience. EVA ensures a lightweight feel, allowing for swift and nimble movements. The material is also adept at withstanding the rigors of intensive running sessions, providing a durable shield against wear and tear.

Inner Material: The interior is lined with breathable Mesh fabric, promoting optimal ventilation to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The mesh not only enhances airflow but also provides a soft and supportive feel against your skin, reducing the risk of discomfort during extended running sessions.

Additional support is now provided in the heel, cushioning the landing to reduce the shock and strain on your knees. This is SEGA’s, Power Cushion. Highly supportive and flexible for quick reflexes in footwork. The impact control functionality enables a high degree of comfort for those key twists and turns on the court.