Power Pro Cricket Shoes Metal Spikes

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MAXIMISE NATURAL MOTION: SEGA Power Pro Performance Cricket Shoes, are designed to be used with metal cricket spikes which come free with a tool to tighten/attach/remove as needed. The Power Pro is built with a unique feature to maximise natural motion.

HEEL PROTECTION: With enhanced professional mid-foot support heel securing your foot in place, the integrity of the shoes is maintained while protecting your heel.

STRATEGIC BALANCE & ENHANCED SEGA COMFORT: In order to provide the iconic SEGA SUPERIOR FIT, the Power Pro includes enhanced cushioning for an athletic feel throughout the heel and tongue, alongside the durable lightweight outsole with strategically placed spikes providing additional grip. We know the stability on the field is of pivotal importance whether you’re bowling or batting.

NEW FOR 2023: This is SEGA’s Premium cricket shoe for this year, with unprecedented responsiveness; making it the perfect shoe for all surfaces.